What are Comp Points?

Play for real and get rewarded with Comp Points!

Traditional casinos and online casinos seek to reward all real-money players with loyalty programs. One of the most common ways of doing this is comp points. At casinos across Las Vegas, you may notice players using player club cards such as M-Life or other loyalty program cards. These cards are designed to reward players with comp points for all real-money gaming. Not every game qualifies you for the same amount of comp points; this is especially true at online casinos. Games which have a higher house edge typically offer you more comp points than games which have a low house edge like blackjack or craps.

Play for Real and Earn Comp Points

Comp points are collected by players for all real-money games that they play. These include slots, card games, table games, video poker, arcade games and other attractions. The comps to cash conversion ratio differs from casino to casino, but typically several dollars need to be wagered to earn you 1 comp point. In traditional casinos, these points can be earned for purchasing drinks, food, gifts as well as hotel stays at specific resorts. At online casinos, comp points are accumulated by playing casino games online.

Comp Points and VIP Tiers

There are many unique ways to earn comp points, sometimes players are required to gamble for a certain period of time on a slots machine. Sometimes players can switch between machines and earn comp points during an allocated period of time. Regardless of how you earn them, the more comp points you have, the bigger your rewards will be when you decide to cash them in. Comp points can be cashed in for exclusive rewards, free tickets, vacations, gifts and meals. Comp points are also used to determine a player's status level in the VIP loyalty rewards program. The more comp points you earn, the quicker you ascend the rungs to the next VIP level where even greater rewards are available to you.