Top Casino Games

Increase your chances of winning big!

If you’re looking to find a casino game that gives you the best chance of winning, you will need to understand terms like casino edge and your odds of winning. The easiest way to increase your chances of winning is by choosing games with a low house edge. The reason is simple: the casino has a smaller advantage in these types of games.

Games with Lowest House Edge

Blackjack has one of the lowest advantages at just 0.5% when optimal strategy is used. In addition, when strategy is used in video poker, the casino edge also drops to a negligible figure. Another way to reduce the casino’s edge is to choose European roulette instead of American roulette.

There is an extra slot in the American roulette wheel which increases the casino edge. You can also increase your winnings by placing a bet on the player rather than the banker in baccarat.

The Effect on Bankroll

Let’s assume that you are going to play roulette and you have a bankroll of $5,000. The wagers that you place do not really matter as long as your stakes are in the mid or low range. However, if you only have a bankroll of $100 then a stake of $5 can really make a huge difference.

If you place $5 bets, you only have 20 bets to place. This means you are unlikely to make it through the game for a long period of time. In this case, you should concentrate on placing even money bets like red or black, high or low and odd or even. You could also choose to be more risky and place one or two six-line bets.