Importance of Online Casino Licensing

The importance of whitelisted gambling jurisdictions for online gaming!

Unfortunately, with the advent of online casinos, blacklisted online casinos have found a niche on the web. As a potential casino player, you need to ensure that your chosen venue is one of the whitelisted casinos. This will ensure that you can enjoy regulated online casino gaming and all its associated benefits.

Features of Reputable Casinos

If you want to ensure that you are gambling at a reputable online casino, you must consider the following: customer satisfaction (for this, read online testimonials that are readily available); casino payment methods (the range of payments processing options available); payouts, bonuses and general response to payment.

Licensing Jurisdiction

When singing up with an online casino, you must be sure it is a whitelisted gambling jurisdiction. All too often, players overlook this issue. Individuals often mistakenly believe that it is not relevant where the casino license is held. But it is. Not all jurisdictions carry the same weight.
One of the problems with not having a licence from the right jurisdiction is when there is a payment dispute. For players involved in the dispute, it will be beneficial if the casino is under the right jurisdiction. Antigua & Barbuda, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Malta and Costa Rica are examples of jurisdictions.


The actual law is found in the Gambling Act of 2005. Section 331 of this law prohibits all regions that do not fall within the parameters of the EFA and are out of the UK and Gibraltar, from advertising their gambling services on UK territory. There is an exception for this. The jurisdictions that can prove they meet the Gambling Act 2005 requirements and are including a Department for Culture, Media and Sport list, are not subject to this.