Playing for Fun versus Real Money

Practice for free before you play for real!

At many online casinos, you have the option of playing real money games or free games. Free games can be played without wagering any real money – the games are played with virtual money. On the other hand, real money games are played with your own money. During free games, you will not be able to win any real money prizes, but during real money games all your winnings will be real.

Pros and Cons of Real Money Games

One of the biggest advantages of real money games is that you can win real money prizes. This means that you can receive actual cash payouts when you win during gaming sessions. However, the fact that you can win real money also means that you can lose real money.

Because you are using your money to play, you are at risk of losing your money. It is important to use bankroll management to protect your bankroll and you should never play with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Pros and Cons of Free Play Games

The biggest drawback of free play games is that you cannot win any real money prizes. The credits you win are virtual money and cannot be withdrawn. However, the benefit of free play games is you are not at risk of losing any of your own money because you are playing with virtual credits.

Free play games allow you to learn how to play a new game and best of all you will not lose any money if you make a mistake or if a spin does not go your way. Free play games typically run off your browser, with no download required.