Mobile Gambling: The Future of Online Gambling

Enjoy enhanced gaming on your mobile device!

Countless millions of people these days have smartphones or tablets. By the end of 2014, it is anticipated that the number will reach 28 percent of all online players. According to HW Gambling Capital analysts, by the end of 2014, per annum, online and mobile casino gaming will have increased to over $44bn (an escalation of $10bn since 2012).

Increased Mobile Usage

Currently, close to 1.8million people access their email through a mobile device. This being the case, it makes sense for casinos to develop apps for mobile phones and tablets. In regions where there is a high usage of smartphones, there are indications that mobile casino gaming will be taking a very large percentage of the entire online gambling market. Further, since 2012, some online UK gambling operators derive 40 percent of their gaming revenues from mobile devices.

Mobile Technology

Today, the technology is available to ensure mobile gaming is just as exciting as today’s online (and offline) versions. The companies that invest in mobile gaming are now privy to quality technology that ensures gaming realism. For an enhanced Vegas-experience on a mobile, there are now apps available.

Smartphone Revolution

There has been a smartphone (and tablet) revolution over the last few years. What is following is the adoption of this technology by the online gaming industry. As a result of this, key economies are beginning to embrace mobile gaming. This has led to the entire industry developing a reputation for being legitimate, safe and user-friendly.

The mobile gaming industry is today, a regulated one. Regulation guards against malfeasance. It protects customers who want to enjoy their favourite casino games, whilst on the move. It means that anonymity is assured for mobile customers. This trend is likely to continue, further legitimizing the entire mobile casino industry.