The top online gambling tips every gambler has to know.

Want to learn the secrets of the online gambling world? Here are our top 10 tips for new and old players. 

  1. Play in your language. Usually, casinos offer better deals for players playing in their native language. Also check that the casino offers your currency and language support.
  2. Check legality before playing. Online gambling is restricted in certain countries. Certain casinos will still allow players from these restricted countries to play online. However, you may have a problem withdrawing your winnings! Make sure to check the casino's deposit and withdrawal information.
  3. Know the wagering requirements. Casinos offer great welcome bonuses. But they often come with a catch - the playthrough or wagering requirements. This means that to receive your great bonus, often you need to wager 3 times that amount! Read through the fine print and don't accept every welcome bonus at face value. 
  4. Manage your money. Practice responsible gambling by setting yourself limits. If you do run into a problem, many casinos offer "self exclusion"programs where you can freeze your account for a day up to 5 years. 
  5. Remember the house edge. Even if you are on a winning streak, don't get too confident. The house always has a slight edge. It's best to play it safe and don't get carried overboard. Quit when you're ahead.
  6. Choose your game. Find a game or two you enjoy and practice. Don't get carried away by trying different games and strategies. Read up on how to play, where to find the games with the best payouts, etc. 
  7. Do your homework. Use a site like ours to help educate yourself on the best deals, the top casinos, the best promotions. There's a whole lot of casinos out there, and it's to your benefit to read up on who is good and who isn't.
  8. Research payment methods. There are different deposit and withdrawal methods. Often if you deposit with one method, you will have to provide another method for withdrawing your money. Read the fine print.
  9. Choose a casino with good customer service. Look for customer service that has live chat and text for your convenience. It's best if the casino offers support in your language. Some casinos even have toll-free numbers for different countries. An accessible customer service means the casino is transparent and willing to help you out. 
  10. Have fun! Online gambling should be a positive past time. Set limits for yourself and don't go overboard.