Online Gambling Dictionary

Learn how to speak the lingo of online gaming!

Understanding online gambling begins with understanding the terminology that is used. Below is a list of some of the most common and important terms you will encounter in the online gambling world

This is a casino employee who deals cards and/or manages the casino game.

Practice Play or Free Play
Practice play games allow players to play the game without betting any of their own money. Players will bet with virtual money and prizes will also be in virtual money so they cannot be collected. These games help players learn how to play the casino game without putting their own bankroll at risk.

Cards that a player holds and will play the game with.

House Edge
The statistical advantage that the casino, also known as the house, has over players. The house edge is generally expressed as a percentage.

House Rules
The rules adopted by a particular casino that dictates betting limits, payout amounts, etc.

This is the largest prize that can be won in a game. The jackpot is the hardest payout to win and requires a special hand or combination of symbols.

The payout produced by a game in relation to the money that is bet on the game. This is generally expressed as a percentage.

The amount of money a player receives for winning a game.

In some games, a dealer needs to have a minimum hand ranking in order to go against a player in the showdown. For instance, the dealer must have a Queen or higher in 3 card poker to qualify.

Real Money
This is the opposite of free play games as players will use their own bankroll to play the games for an opportunity to win real money prizes.