Beginners Guide to Video Poker

Experience the excitement of video poker games online!

Unlike draw poker, video poker does not pit a player against any opponents. However, the rules are more or less the same as standard 5 card draw poker games. There are over 100 variations of this casino game with most casinos offering a lower house edge for video poker as compared to slot machines. The machine normally deals five cards and presents the player with the option to draw five new ones.

By clicking the ‘Hold’ button, a player is able to hold the corresponding card on the screen. Once the selection of the desired cards is done, the player hits the ‘Deal’ button, which then discards unwanted cards and deals new ones. Once the player has pressed the ‘Draw’ button at the final hand all winning combinations (if any) will be automatically calculated. The amount won is normally displayed right at the front of the machine. For the best results, a player should be able to tell the return of the game by closely examining the paytable displayed.

Strategy and Tips for Playing Video Poker

To develop skill and strategy in video poker games, it is a good idea for players to practice using programs that are designed to give pointers and alerts when mistakes occur during play. Sensible advice for players is to learn about various hand combinations prior to playing video poker games online. There are many ways to form winning hands and players should learn about these before wagering for real. One of the most common video poker strategies is for players to practice first before wagering for real money.