Trends of Online Gambling

Mobile casino & live dealer games are the way of the future!

2014 heralds dramatic change in the world of online gambling. For starters, the year began with 3 states in the US having legalized online gambling. This trend is set to continue as more states are likely to consider regulating online gambling within their borders. Globally, online gambling regulation continues at an unprecedented rate. The industry is already worth billions of dollars in annual revenue and governments are keen to get their fair share by way of taxation. Within the industry itself however, there are many exciting new developments taking place.

Mobile Casino Gambling

Mobile casino entertainment continues to be the fastest-growing sector in the online gambling arena. More users than ever before are opting to enjoy online casino games on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. As a result, the mobile gambling markets have exploded in recent times. Massive marketing and advertising initiatives are being undertaken to promote mobile gaming apps and many online casinos have opened up additional categories supporting mobile gaming.

Live Dealer Casino

While live dealer casino is certainly not a new phenomenon, it is increasingly popular among players. Many more online casinos are now providing their players with the option to enjoy live dealer games on their PCs and mobile smartphones and tablets. Live dealer games effectively allow for real-time interaction between a player and a real dealer/croupier via live streaming webcam.

Changing Demographics and Cryptocurrencies

Online gambling continues to attract the attention of a younger, trendier audience of players. Generation Y players – men and women – are opting to enjoy online casino games during their leisure time. In much the same fashion as online bingo shed the erstwhile image of the traditional bingo player; online casino games are doing the same. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies made a big splash in 2013 and it is possible that such currencies may well be used in the online gaming world. Already, several online poker rooms accept these types of currencies for deposits.