General Online Gambling Terms

Learn the online gambling lingo!

To enjoy an exciting online gambling experience, you should be aware of some of the most common terms used. Failure to understand a term or phrase may lead to a lot of confusion and a possible penalty. Learning these terms can be fun and enlightening to anyone who is new to the gambling world. Remember, if you do not know these terms, opponents may take advantage and exploit your weaknesses during casino games. Here are a few things you need to know.

Common Terms Used in Gambling

Action – this normally refers to any type of bet that a player can place. It is used to signify the start of a betting session in various games and sports.

Angles – This is normally the term used to refer to the strategy of using past events and experiences to predict the most likely outcome in an event that is happening or about to happen.

Data Mining – this is the general term used for researching previously stored information or data. The research is normally aimed at finding pointers that may help in determining the best strategy to use in placing a bet or bets.

Double Bet – In sports terms, this refers to placing a bet that is twice the amount of the player’s normal wager. Such a bet is normally placed in order to increase the possibility of getting a much better reward.

Odds – This refers to the likelihood of something happening. Odds are normally calculated in numbers.

Underdog – This is the team or person that is most likely to lose in a game or sport. The team or person who mostly plays the underdog is referred to as the Dog Player.