Best Bonus Codes

Learn how to use bonus codes when making casino deposits. Coupons any one?

When casino players want to claim their bonuses, they usually have to enter an online casino bonus code. Each casino offers exclusive casino bonus codes for their games – slots, blackjack, poker, keno, etc. For players to get the best bonuses, a code must be entered when making an initial deposit.

How Bonus Codes Work

Before one puts in the bonus code, they should check the cash amount on offer. This differs from casino to casino and also, from game to game. One has to select their preferred bonus and then enter the relevant bonus code. Players can also switch off and enter the bonus code for blackjack and still play a video poker game. However, with this, it should be noted that the games will not be added to the bonus in the bonus game. When a casino does not ask for a bonus code it is because the bonus is a pre-determined amount, irrespective of what games are played or how much is deposited. In such a case, the bonus is put into a player account once the deposit has been made.

How to Enter a Bonus Code

So how does a player enter a bonus code at the casinos that request it? While all casinos work differently, bonus codes are put into the cashier when the player is making their deposit. Players can easily access a screenshot to clarify where one puts the bonus code and when. Players do not need to worry if they forget to enter the bonus code while making a deposit. This can also be done afterwards. Players can then return to the cashier and input the code or go to a screen that will say something like “Redeem Bonus Code.” All this information will be explained on site.
Remember, each casino has a different policy vis-à-vis bonus codes. Some offer more bonus cash, while others offer less attractive deals. It’s important to read the fine print before play begins.