Social Online Casinos Explained

Social casinos engage players in ways never before seen!

The concept of a social online casino is a relatively new phenomenon. In today's times, online gaming operators are seeking a maximum entertainment appeal with their players. One such way to encourage players to compete for jackpots on offer is by way of social casino games. A recent conference was held at a gambling summit whereby it was revealed that casino-based social gaming has developed into a $1.7 billion industry in the USA alone. By the conclusion of 2014, the industry is expected to top $2.9 billion with some of the biggest land-based casinos in the country.

Social Casino Games in the USA

This discussion has gained plenty of media attention since the reintroduction of online gambling into the USA. The possibility of widespread online social casino games is now a reality in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey. Other states are expected to follow suit. While the market appears to be saturated around the world, it is only in its infancy stages. The social casino experience has been bolstered by the regulation of online casinos in the state of New Jersey.

Social Casino and Online Gaming Software

Thousands of new entrants are set to appear on the scene in the US markets, and thousands more are already in operation across Europe, Australasia, Canada and beyond. Social casinos seek to entice players to play all their favourite games such as slots, roulette, blackjack and others. The result is an alluring experience packed with rich rewards. Online casino software facilitates the social experience by way of multiplayer games, progressive jackpot networks and customizable platforms.