What is Video Poker?

Learn the basics of video poker variation.

Video poker is a challenging and enjoyable poker game that is played on a machine. Unlike standard poker, video poker only involves one player and this player must create a winning hand to receive a payout. This game is fairly easy to play and allows players to use strategy to better their chances of winning.

Goal of Video Poker

The goal of poker is simple – you want to create a winning hand in order to receive a payout. You will first need to place a bet before you can play. Once your bet is placed you will be dealt your cards. After this, you need to choose which cards you want to keep and which cards you want to get rid of. Once this is complete you will receive new cards – these cards will equal the number of cards you got rid of. Finally, the machine will determine if you won or lost. You will win a payout if you create a winning hand that is listed on the paytable.

Where Was Video Poker Invented?

It is rumoured that poker originated hundreds of years ago in Persia where a game similar to poker was played. This may be true but in the Ghost at the Table written by Des Wilson, a London author, he told a different origin story about poker. In this book, Wilson talks about poker in the American Old West – from Texas road gamblers to Mississippi riverboats. This book also talks about how poker evolved into the modern day game played all over the world. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) draws players from across the globe and is revered as the best poker tournament in the world.