Beginners Guide to Sports Betting

Learn how to punt like a champion!

As a newbie in gambling or sports betting, you may encounter many confusing terms and strategies. This may make it easy for an opponent to take advantage of you. You may end up losing too many bets to the house. To help guard against such things, it is a good idea to take some time and learn about gambling and sports betting.

Types of Sporting Bets

The first type of bet to know about is the money line. This is the simplest of all bets. It entails making a wager on a team or player you think will win in an event.
The second type of bet is known as the total. This bet requires you to predict the sum total of points that are going to be scored in a match. You must give an exact figure after combining the total of all teams that are participating in an event.

The third type of bet is the side or the point spread. In this case, the linesmaker, or the person responsible for setting betting odds will give a handicap to the side perceived to be stronger. This will then balance the odds for the two sides when it comes to betting. If you bet on the stronger team, you only win if it beats the opponent by the margin set.

Tips for Winning

As a beginner, you must always be keen and watch how experts bet. This will increase your knowledge on how to make the best bets. You should also be sure to keep up with the rules and betting terms.