Roulette Odds: Strategies and Tips

Learn advanced Roulette strategies and tips!

There are two Roulette strategies – progressive and non-progressive. There are also two different types of progressive betting strategies – one type adds progression after a loss and the other type adds progressive after a win. The most famous progression after a loss is the Martingale betting system. With this system, you are required to double your bet after each loss. The Martingale strategy is popular because it is easy to use. Unfortunately, it is a risky strategy and it is not used by most experienced players.

Paroli Betting System

The Paroli betting system is opposite of the Martingale in that you are directed to double your bet after you win which means this strategy is safer than the Martingale betting system. The progression can also be steep like the Martingale or flat like the D’Alembert. Steep progressions work best for outside bets like red/black or odd/even because that is only way to recoup previous losses. A flat progression is better for inside bets like a split, single number or street. You will not win as much but you can usually recoup your losses.

Non-Progressive Betting Systems

Apart from strategies that use progressions after losses and wins, there are some strategies that do not have any progression which means every bet has the same amount. This strategy is known as a Masse egale roulette betting system. Essentially, you simply hope for a different outcome than the probability predicts. This means the chance of a particular event occurs more often than is generally expected. This system is really only useful for inside bets.