Systems to Beat the Odds in Online Gambling

Try to beat the casino odds while having fun gambling!

Gamblers are always looking for sure-fire systems to beat the house odds. They figure that someone must have developed a foolproof system by now. While there are many systems that have been developed to beat the odds in online gambling, players should know that there is no guarantee. When reviewing these systems, online players realize they may help, but there is no guarantee. There are a few betting systems that claim to beat the casino odds. The ones described here are: Martingale, Flat Betting, and the Gambler’s Fallacy.


This system is one where a player doubles his/her bet following a loss. When you double your bet after losing, all previous losses plus one unit would be recovered in a win. That is the theory. But often in practice, you may lose a few consecutive bets and be left without adequate funds after doubling. Also table limits inhibit the profitability of this betting option.

Flat Betting

The flat betting system is possibly the simplest method to understand and use. Calculation is needed, but not in a complex way. First, the player has to establish his/her bankroll. Then they choose a betting level. The system features a house edge. On every hand that is played, the same amount of money is wagered.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is based on the theory that if something happens a lot of times then later on in the game, it will not happen as much. This is not a scientific betting strategy due to the randomness of casino games. Hence the term: Gambler’s Fallacy.

Ultimately, betting strategies that have a higher chance of success are usually based on long-term statistical analysis. Even with these, players need to bear in the mind the innate house edge.