Guide to Online Betting: How Much Should You Bet?

Your bankroll – not your luck – is your most prized asset!

Many players make the mistake of not exercising sound judgment when it comes to bankroll management. Bankroll management allows you to understand precisely how much you should bet on any particular game during a gaming session. The rules of play differ from one online casino game to the next, but it is safe to say that you should stick to your bankroll no matter what. When you're playing progressive jackpot slots games, it is only possible to win the full jackpot if you wager maximum coins on maximum pay lines. Since this can become rather costly to some online casino players, it is advisable to play the maximum bets on maximum pay lines that you can afford.

Game Minimums and Maximums

A good place to start is the game itself. Once you've decided upon a particular slots game, card game, table game or arcade game, check the minimums and maximums. For slots games, the minimum bet is the amount that you can wager on 1 pay line of a multi payline slots game. To calculate the total bet per spin, you simply multiply the total number of lines played by the bet size. In games like blackjack it is possible that your bets will increase during the game, especially if you opt to double, take insurance, split and so forth. Therefore you should bear all of this in mind when you're considering the specific types of online casino games that you will be playing.

A great way to gauge precisely how much you should be betting on any game is by practicing in a free-play mode before you play for real. The rule of thumb with any bankroll is the following: set a budget and don't deviate from it!